I want to add or subtract credit from a customers account, how do I do this?

How do I add or subtract a customers store credit?

The app is embedded into your store admin. So open up the back end of your store, go to your apps section, open up FreshCredit and there will be a table with all your customers displayed. Simply add any amount to the “Credit Amount” column in the table and it will automatically display to your shoppers.

You must enter in the new credit amount AFTER you have added or subtracted the credit.

For Example: if you would like to give a customer an additional $50 but they already have $100 you would type in $150 into the currency box. And then give to the customer. The app will not add $50 to the current amount and total it. We suggest always making note of your customers balances before adding or subtracting credit just to ensure if a mistake is made you know what the customers balance was. Same thing for subtracting credit. If you would like to deduct $50 from $150 you would enter in $100 and then submit to the customer.

The Fresh Credit app has NO reporting capabilities nor does it save data. Once the credit is gone, it is gone. It is best to take a screenshot of the customers credit or write it down before you make any edits!

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