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My Tiktok, Recharge, and Imported orders are being rejected

Orders imported into Shopify are being rejected, why?

Keep in mind that the MCF Shipping app was originally built to work strictly between Shopify and Amazon. That means that the app was built to processes orders that are placed ON the Shopify check out. Of course in just a few years a lot has changed. Businesses, like you, are are now selling products on multiple channels and importing orders into Shopify. For Example: TikTok, Meta, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, EBAY, and the list goes on.

Good News!

ByteStand MCF Shipping can process these Imported Shopify orders! Along with any Subscription orders but the biggest barrier with these imported orders are the shipping rate titles. Shipping rate titles can also be called ‘Delivery Method’

Amazon can only understand 3 words when it comes to the shipping rate titles. Those words are ‘Standard, Priority, and Expedited.’ If you take a moment to look at your recent orders in Shopify. Scroll to the right and check out the ‘delivery method’ column of the orders. This is the issue. A secondary issue could be that the order was imported with out a shipping rate title at all! Meaning the ‘delivery method’ is blank.

How to fix the issue for past and future imported orders

MCF Shipping by ByteStand has a ‘Import’ feature. The import feature gives you the ability to create rate cards in the app on the Rate page. By using Imported rate cards you can translate your imported orders delivery methods into words that Amazon will understand on the back end!

Example of imported rate cards

This means that in the back end of the code Amazon will receive these orders with a ‘Standard’ shipping selection. While the customer sees a ‘blank’ shipping option or a ‘Free Shipping’ option. It ensures that Amazon can understand how to ship the order to the customer.

Instructional video

This video will help identify why your imported orders are being rejected, how to use the Order page in our app, how to enable the Import feature in the app, and set up imported rate cards.

How to send your past rejected orders to Amazon

After the store has enabled the Import feature and set up the correct Imported rate cards in the app…you can then go back to the orders and ‘Request Fulfillment’ of the orders. Upon completion, the status of your order will change to ‘In Progress.’ You have now sent the order to Amazon via the ByteStand App. Amazon takes up to 10 minutes to Accept or even Reject orders. Once Amazon accepts or rejects the order you will see the order populate in the Order page of the app. Which will include the orders Amazon Order ID and status.

That is it!

If you have questions please chat us on the website or in the app, on email at help_me@bytestand.com, or schedule a video call!

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