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My Amazon Credentials have expired or have an error in the app!

When I try to save my credentials it gives me an error! But, I’ve had the app installed for a while!

Are you no longer receiving shipping rates at check out? randomly? You’ve checked EVERYTHING, but just can’t figure it out? Try saving your Amazon Credentials in our app! Did you know Amazon forces all Amazon credentials to expire once a year?

How do I fix this?

#1 – Log into Admin account on Seller Central and hover your cursor over “Settings”, then click on “User Permissions”

#2 – Scroll down to “Third Party Developer and Apps” and click “Visit Manage Your Apps”

#3 – Find ‘ByteStand’ that needs Authorization Renewal and on the right-hand side click “Renew”

#4 – Verify the third-party service and click “Renew”

#5 – The “Authorization Date” next to the third-party service that you renewed will update with the current date as confirmation that the renewal has been submitted. The new expiration date will be a year later.

To ‘re-save’ your updated credentials in our app return to Shopify, click on Apps, and click on FBA Shipping. Click on the green circle with a white cog in it, which opens a menu to the right and click on Amazon Credentials.

Scroll down and click the Green Save Your Credentials button.

A pop up will appear, click anywhere on the screen to get rid of it. And press the new Purple button that says I’m finished saving my credentials.

And you should be good to go! Test this out by opening the front end of your website, placing a in stock product in your cart, enter your real shipping location at check out, and attempt to calculate rates again!

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