My Facebook, Google, Instagram, Subscription, EBAY orders are not being fulfilled by Amazon! How do I fix this?

Why are all the Shopify imported orders from other channels not being fulfilled?

Keep in mind that the FBA Shipping app was originally built to work strictly between Shopify and Amazon. that means we process orders that are placed ON your Shopify website. Of course in just a few years a lot has changed. A lot of stores are are now selling products through other channels. For Example: Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, EBAY, and the list goes on.

Our app can process these orders! And your subscription orders but the biggest barriers with these imported orders are the shipping rate titles.

Amazon can only understand 3 words when it comes to the shipping rate titles. Those words are ‘Standard, Priority, and Expedited’ you will be able to see in your recent orders that the wording has possibly been changed to something else. The most common issue is the order was imported with out a Shipping rate title at all! Or the Shipping rate title says ‘Free Shipping’ ‘Standard Shipping’ or something like ‘International shipping 2-3 days.’

If your shipping rate titles to your orders or the Delivery Method says anything other than the 3 words Amazon will accept that is why the orders are not being fulfilled by Amazon. Amazon does not know what those other rates mean.

To fix these orders you will have to resubmit them through Seller Central unfortunately. See instructions below.
To submit an order through Amazon’s MCF program open up your seller central dashboard and go to your FBA Inventory, select the checkbox next to a FBA product, at the top of that product table is an “action” button, click that and in the drop down select “fulfillment order”. Then simply follow the steps Amazon leads you thru and you will be able to place an order to be fulfilled by Amazon.

To keep this from happening you will need to check your shipping rate titles in your other channels and subscription apps. If you have difficulty finding these settings on your own please reach out to the correct channels or apps for further assistance. Let their support teams know you need help ensuring that the shipping rate titles imported from their channel say either ‘Standard, Priority, or Expedited’ See example of incorrect orders below.

See the ‘Delivery Method’ Column? If there is anything other than ‘Standard, Priority, or Expedited’ here the orders will not be fulfilled by Amazon.

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