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My SKUs are not pulling from Amazon! I am getting this error message, “Unfortunately Amazon is currently returning incomplete data…”

Why am I getting this error message?

“Unfortunately Amazon is currently returning incomplete data and we are not able to pull your SKUs. Typically Amazon resolves these issues in 24 hours or more sometimes. Please try again tomorrow”

This error message can sometime mean that we may not be able to get your inventory. As what this means is that Amazon is return a blank inventory report for you. Can you do something for us? Can you request your own inventory report? And see what you get please and send to us?

Just go into your seller dashboard and click on reports and select an inventory report. You can find out more by searching for “reports” in your seller central account.

After we receive the report, I send it to our developer and have him take a look. Then, we follow up and let you know if Amazon is sending us your inventory report in a format we can accept…or not. Unfortunately, when Amazon sends us a format that we can not accept there is nothing else to do. We just purely cannot pull in the data. 🙁 Which we hate, just as much as you!

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