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Why do my Amazon Order ID’s look different?

Why do some of my Amazon Order ID’s look different in the app?

Do you have a Amazon Order ID in the MCF Shipping app that looks like the below?

Notice how it looks a little different from the other Amazon order IDs? Don’t panic! This tells you the order was rejected by Amazon the first time the order was sent to Amazon.

So in Shopify, on the Order page, the time line of the order would look something like this!

At one point Amazon rejected the order that included the original Amazon Order ID. The next time the order was resent to Amazon a new Amazon Order ID was created. You can click on the updated Amazon Order ID in the app. Which will send you directly to the order inside of Amazon Seller Central.

What if the order is still showing Cancelled or Request Declined?

Has your order been sent to Amazon and ‘Cancelled’ or rejected? Don’t panic. In the FBA Shipping app, on the Order page, look at the ‘Status’ of the order. If you do not know how to do this go check out this page: https://bytestand.com/knowledge-base/failed-orders/ and then return here!

After using the page and the guidance from the above link you should be able to ‘fix’ the order.

And ‘Request Fulfillment of the order again in Shopify!