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How do I look up my Shopify order in my Amazon Seller Central?

Open up your Amazon seller central account and click “manage orders”. In there you will be able to search by your Shopify Order id. To get your Shopify order id, open up a Shopify order and look at the URL in your browser. It will look something like this:


The Order id being the last digits in that order URL which are: 1712338075694. Now copy and paste this number into Amazon Seller Central, boom!

You can also use our new ‘Order’ Page inside of the FBA Shipping app. Just navigate to our app, click on the ‘Order’ icon on the home page or in our menu to the right of the screen. There you can see your Shopify Order numbers along with your Amazon Order numbers! You can also see the ‘status’ the order is in on Amazon Seller Central!