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Will the app fulfill my past Shopify orders from Amazon?

Will the FBA Shipping app send my past orders to Amazon?

If your store had orders placed before the FBA Shipping app was Installed and set up correctly we are unfortunately unable to send those past orders to Amazon or ship them.

This is because your Shopify orders ‘Location’ or ‘fulfillment service’ must say ‘FBA Shipping’ in the order on Shopify. This is what tells Shopify to send specific orders to either our app to forward to Amazon…or not! As some stores do manual shipping as well! You can learn more about the ‘Location’ of orders and how to change this for your future orders on this webpage! Click here

For your past orders it may be best to recreate the past orders in Amazon Seller Central directly as MCF orders. See some instructions below.

To submit an order through Amazon’s MCF program open up your seller central dashboard and go to your FBA Inventory, select the checkbox next to a FBA product, at the top of that product table is an “action” button, click that and in the drop down select “fulfillment order”. Then simply follow the steps Amazon leads you thru and you will be able to place an order to be fulfilled by Amazon.

Let us know if you have any follow up questions!

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