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What if my Shopify product goes out of stock in Amazon?

What if my FBA product sells out in Amazon? What does it look like on Shopify?

If you are a store that is using the live amazon rate (Carrier Calculated Shipping) feature in our app and you also are NOT using our inventory sync feature please take a look below.

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If an item has it’s fulfillment service set to FBA Shipping in Shopify but the item goes out of stock in Amazon…Amazon and our app will not let the product oversell.

Here’s how it works:

1. If the product goes out of stock in Amazon and you do not mark the product inventory to 0 in Shopify it will still show the product as in stock on Shopify.

2. The customer places the item in their cart and proceeds to check out.

3. After the customer enters their shipping address and clicks ‘next’ our app ‘wakes up.’

4. We send the SKU, your credentials, and the customers shipping address to Amazon. (this takes a nanosecond) We ask Amazon if they can ship the SKU. If the SKU is out of stock Amazon says ‘No’ and we return to Shopify with the ‘No’ message.

5. At this time Shopify shows the customer an error warning. The error reports that this item cannot be shipped to the customers shipping address. Which guides the customer to remove the item from the cart.

Turn on inventory sync in the ByteStand MCF Shipping app

Keep in mind if you would like your FBA product inventory synced between Amazon and Shopify. (Amazon -> Shopify) We have an add on feature built in the app that you can enable!

Then, use this video to set up your inventory syncing feature in the app. To prevent future issues with OOS products in the future.

Do the orders shipping methods revert to Shopify so the store can fulfill the order? 

No, it does not. The fulfillment service selected for the SKUs controls how the orders are fulfilled. The fulfillment services do not automatically switch if something is out of stock. You would have to manually change this on your products before customers continue to order.