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Shipping Rate Options and Definitions

Live Amazon Rates – Live Amazon rates use Shopify’s ‘Carrier Calculated Shipping’ feature to pull real time shipping cost and time frames straight from Amazon Seller Central while customers are attempting to check out on your Shopify website. All time frames and costs are provided by Amazon Seller Central via their MCF program. We are the communication tunnel that *asks* Amazon for this information and then shows this information to the customer on Shopify’s checkout.

Remember that these are Live Amazon rates and Amazon is assigning the time frame and shipping cost for you. So, there is no need to create any manual shipping rates in Shopify’s shipping profile. Just in sure that our app is a ‘Rate’ in your Shopify shipping profile. Navigate to Shopify > Settings > Shipping and Delivery > and ‘manage’

And add FBA Shipping by ByteStand as a rate! Make sure that you are ‘Shipping From’ FBA Shipping as well!

Something else to keep in mind! When using the Amazon Live rates ONLY. Sometimes customers can get error warnings at check out which could prevent the customer from checking out. This can happen if:

  • Your SKU(s) are out of stock in Amazon Seller Central. And you are not manually keeping your inventory up to date in Shopify nor are you using the Sync feature in the app.
  • The Customer is attempting to ship to a PO Box or invalid shipping location.
  • Amazon cannot offer the rates you have enabled. I always suggest to turn on at least 2 options. Especially during the Holiday season. Never turn on…just Priority. As this is a option that Amazon may not always offer!
  • The app is not set up correctly.

Manual Rates – Manual rates do not use Carrier Calculated Shipping. Thus, you do not need Carrier Calculated Shipping enabled on your Shopify plan. You must create Manual rates inside of the FBA Shipping app AND inside of your Shopify shipping profile. You assign the rate name that your customers will see inside of the FBA Shipping app and then assign the shipping cost to each rate title, inside of the Shopify Shipping profile. Once orders are placed in Shopify, the customer will pay your fixed manual cost in Shopify and then Amazon will charge you/the merchant the accurate Amazon calculated shipping cost on the back end in Amazon Seller Central for the order.

Imported Rate – Imported rates are set up inside of the FBA Shipping app. Imported rates are for stores that are importing external orders into Shopify. For example: Stores that import orders from eBay, Etsy, Instagram, etc. Or for stores that use Subscription apps. As Subscription or Upsell apps also import orders into Shopify. The ‘Imported Rate’ feature allows you to create ‘rate titles’ that Amazon will understand. So, if Etsy imports orders into Shopify with ‘Delivery Methods’ that say ‘Standard Shipping 1-4 days’ You will want to create a Imported Rate in the FBA Shipping app that says ‘Standard Shipping 1-4 days’ and assign that rate to ‘Standard’ in the app. So that our app can translate the customized rate name to something that Amazon will accept on the back end when we send the order to Amazon!