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Are my Shopify to Amazon orders being sent to Amazon?

How do I know if my MCF Shopify to Amazon integration orders are being fulfilled by Amazon?

After you have installed and set up the Bytestand Shipping app as your Shopify to Amazon integration you can send Shopify orders to Amazon for fulfillment. Utilizing Amazon’s Multi Channel Fulfillment program.

Automatic or manual fulfillment

Orders that are placed by customers on Shopify can automatically be sent to Amazon for fulfillment or manually.

In progress Shopify orders

Orders from a integration like ByteStand will show as ‘In Progress’ once the fulfillment request is sent to Amazon. The orders status in Shopify is important but the acceptance or rejection of the order is what matters. Let’s take a look at a ‘in progress’ order below. Can you guess if this order has been accepted or rejected by Amazon?

This order has not yet been accepted or rejected by Amazon. Notice how the order has a ‘Requested’ alert. This means the store has sent the order fulfillment request to Amazon but Amazon has yet to accept or reject the order. *May 2023 Update: Amazon takes up to 30 minutes to Accept or even Reject orders.*

Example of a ‘Accepted’ order.

A Shopify order sent from the ByteStand app to Amazon can be seen below.

As you can see this order was approved by Amazon in 14 minutes. When a order is approved by Amazon you can find the Order in the order page of the ByteStand app. Navigate to ByteStand and select Orders.

The ByteStand order page shows you the Shopify order ID, Amazon order ID, date, and order status. You can click on the Shopify order ID and Amazon Order ID which will then send you to the order in either Shopify or Amazon. Orders in the status Received by Amazon or Processing by Amazon have been accepted by Amazon. Amazon is in the process of picking, packing, and shipping the order(s).

Failed Orders

Amazon can reject Shopify orders for many reasons. Utilizing the ByteStand Order page can help you resolve these barriers quickly.

By clicking on the ‘Failed’ error warning you can learn why Amazon rejected the order(s.)

For a list of order rejection reasons and definitions visit ‘Why are my orders failing?’

Alternative method

A secondary method to locating your Shopify order in Amazon is a little more manual. To locate your Amazon order ID outside of the Order page of the ByteStand app you can search in Shopify. Navigate to the order in Shopify and view the browsers URL.

In this example the Amazon Order ID is 5354861592748. This string of numbers can be searched for in Amazon Seller Central on your Order page.

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