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Why do my Shopify orders have a fulfillment status unfulfilled?

I can’t find my orders in Amazon or in the app

The most common reason a order cannot be located in Amazon nor the app is due to the orders status in Shopify. If your Shopify order(s) have a fulfillment status of ‘Unfulfilled’ on the Shopify order page see below.

shopify unfulfilled order

Unfulfilled Shopify orders will not be visible in the Order page of the ByteStand app or in Amazon.

ByteStand Order Statuses

shopify unfulfilled order

What Does Unfulfilled Mean on the Shopify?

A fulfillment status of ‘Unfulfilled’ on Shopify means automatic fulfillment was disabled when the order was created. The store will need to ‘Request Fulfillment’ for each unfulfilled order.

How to send the Unfulfilled Shopify orders to Amazon

Press the black button that says ‘Request Fulfillment’ in Shopify

unfulfilled shopify

Next, follow the prompts to ‘Send Fulfillment Request’

request fulfillment when unfulfilled shopify

Upon completion, the status of your order will change to ‘In Progress.’ You have now sent the order data to Amazon via the ByteStand App. Amazon takes up to 8 minutes to Accept or Reject orders. Once Amazon accepts or rejects the order you will see the order populate in the Order page of the app. Which will include the orders Amazon Order ID and status.

For future orders turn ‘automatic fulfillment’ on.

Here is a video on how to turn on Automatic Fulfillment within Shopify! https://youtu.be/mDz0kPjFpOo

Please keep the below in mind, in case you are shipping some items through us but you are manually shipping any other items!

If you turn on auto fulfillment then your MCF Shipping orders being sent to Amazon will be auto sent to Amazon, which is great. That also means that your ‘manual’ orders which are going to your fulfillment center will be ‘auto fulfilled’ meaning that the customer will receive an email that the order has been placed and then within a few minutes receive another email that says the order has been shipped. This is a good option if you ship your manual orders within 24 hours of receiving the orders.

If you keep automatic fulfillment turned off the MCF orders being sent to Amazon will sit in the Order tab on Shopify until someone from the store clicks on the orders and then click ‘Request Fulfillment’ but this also ensures that your manual orders being sent to your warehouse are not shown as fulfilled and emails are not sent to customers until you send them.

It is a decision each store has to make. I would suggest to make the decision off of the amount of orders you receive…if you receive more MCF orders to Amazon I would keep auto fulfill on. If you receive more manual orders to your manual warehouse, I would keep auto fulfill off.

That’s All!