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How to collect store credit data from Shopify

Did you know that you can search for orders in Shopify that have used Store Credit?

The fastest way to collect store credit data and history in your store is to use the FreshCredit app. The app has a built in Export feature. When you use the Export feature a CSV file is sent to you full of your customers credit history. You can read more about the Export feature on this page.

Do you need more data?

In Shopify click on Orders and find the Search button.

Click on Add Filter and in the drop down box click on App.

And from the list of apps select FreshCredit. The order list will refresh.

Click any where on the screen to eliminate the dropdown box. In Shopify you can now see a list of orders that have used FreshCredit. On this screen you can filter through the orders, click on them one by one for specific and fast details, or select all of the orders and make mass edits.