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How do I send my Shopify Subscription orders to Amazon?

How to use the ByteStand MCF Shipping app to send your Subscription orders to Amazon via MCF!

Do you import Subscription orders from a program or app into your Shopify? Maybe you use ReCharge, Bold, or another Shopify subscription app? In the past we were unable to fulfill 100% of your Subscription orders…but now, the tables have turned!

First up you need to figure out the ‘Delivery Method’ that your Subscription orders are being imported into Shopify with. Typically we see Subscription orders imported with a ‘Delivery Method’ of ‘Subscription Shipping’ But, please check this in Shopify. Navigate to Orders and look at the ‘Delivery Method’ column.

In the screenshot below, you can see that these orders are being imported with the ‘Delivery Method’ ‘Free Ground Shipping’

This is important as you will want to set this rate up as a rate in our MCF Shipping app! As we need to translate the titles of ‘Free Ground Shipping’ to something that Amazon will understand. As Amazon only understands the words ‘Standard, Priority, or Expedited’ as rates. So the customer will check out with the words ‘Free Ground Shipping’ but when the app sends the fulfillment request over to Amazon the order will say ‘Standard’

Set up ‘Import’ for Shopify subscription orders

So, navigate to the MCF Shipping app and select ‘Rates’

bytestand mcf shipping rates

On the next page you should see a ‘Import’ Option. Press New Rate

create imported rate options for Shopify subscription orders

If you do not see an option for ‘Imported’ rates then the store did not enable this feature in the app during installation. Please watch the video below that shows you how to access your account and add this feature in the app!

Once you have the option to add Imported rates inside the app. Please continue. Click on ‘New Rate’ And then select the correct Amazon Marketplace you will be importing Subscription orders for. And choose the rate type as ‘Imported’

Imported rate cards for Shopify subscription and imported orders

Next you will want to type in the ‘Rate Name’ this is the Rate name that customers will see at check out and the rate name or ‘Delivery Method’ that the Subscription app is importing your orders with. Remember in our example they are using ‘Free Ground Shipping’

delivery method translation

Select the ‘Map to Amazon Rate’ you will only have 2-3 options. This is the option we will send to Amazon in the order. As these are the only words Amazon will accept as Delivery Methods. And press Save.

You’re finished!

Now, you can set up many options here for your Subscription orders. Especially if your app sometimes changes the name of the ‘Delivery Method’ of your Subscription orders. The video below shows you how I create 2 more shipping rates! One is for orders that are imported with NO Delivery Method (blank) and the other is for orders that use the word ‘Subscription Shipping’

Enable the ‘Import’ feature

For more detailed information and videos on Subscription orders please see the 2 videos below.

This video goes through all of the apps add-on features, including setting up the Import feature which will assist you with Subscription orders. This video also shows how to enable these features on your app plan.

And then this video goes over in detail how to create ‘Shipping Rates’ in the app, including Imported Rates.