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How can I sync my products inventory in Shopify if my products are for sale in different FBA Marketplaces?

*For the purposes of this question, we are going to use the US and the EU as our products locations/marketplaces.* Something to keep in mind is FBA Shipping has nothing to do with syncing inventory counts – the inventory managed by is just used for order fulfillment to pass the orders to Amazon. However, if you would like to sync inventory on Shopify, we do have another app that will do so.

Here is SnapSync in the App store https://apps.shopify.com/simplesync-amazon-fba-sync

Manual Inventory Management

Now, if you prefer to not install shopify multi store sync you will need to manage your inventory on your own. I suggest just marking your products at 0 when they go out of stock in Amazon. Unfortuantely, I believe Shopify only allows you to track quantity for 1 location in each SKU/product listing. Which means when you update a SKUs stock you are going to update that stock for the EU and US.

FBA Shipping Functionality

The good news with FBA shipping whether you keep your inventory up to date on Shopify or not…our app asks Amazon if the SKU(s) are in stock when a customer attempts to check out. For Example: Customer places item in cart and then enters Shipping address. This is when our app kicks in. We send the customers shipping information, the SKU, and your Amazon credentials to Amazon. We ask Amazon, ‘Hey can you ship SKU ABC to Cara in Kentucky?’ Amazon will check to ensure they have the SKU. If they do not have the SKU they send us an error message. Shopify then shows the error message to the customer and does not allow them to check out. Because Amazon has nothing to ship. This would work in the EU and US.

Shopify Multi Store Sync

If you prefer to install SnapSync, Snap Sync can sync your product listings for the US and for the EU. BUT, there is a trick! Of course. Shopify does not allow multiple SKUs or locations to be attached to 1 product listing. Which means you would have to duplicate your products. You would need one set of products for the US and 1 set of products for the EU. Then you can assign the correct SKUs to each listing and assign the correct location/marketplace to each listing. Then Shopify&Amazon Sync, can update the inventory quantity for all products and FBA Shipping can help fulfill orders for all products!

Preventing Duplicate Product Listings

To prevent your customers from seeing duplicate product listings on your website, you would use an app called LockSmith. This is not our app but we do recommend them to merchants frequently. If interested please search our Knowledge base for LockSmith! Check out the set up video below!

If you need help with setting up FBA shipping then read our article!