The store credit button is not in customer accounts!

Where is the store credit button and why is it not in the customer accounts?

Ahh! We hate when this happens. If you just installed the app or have had it for some time we know this can be frustrating.

This issue can happen if your theme is edited or if you have other apps installed in your store that are blocking our code from automatically working. Typically other discount apps or coupon apps can effect this.

First try this!

Click on the ‘?’ in the app and then Reinstall, See screenshot: and then click Reinstall on the next page. That should place the code in the correct sections of your theme to ensure that it will work! If that does not help please reach out to us at

We are available M-F 9AM-6PM EST. If we miss you during business hours we will get back with you as soon as possible! Make sure if you chat us you leave your email address and Shopify URL.

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