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No shipping rates at checkout? You need this checklist!

All of my settings look correct so why are customers getting an error at checkout?

Don’t worry! We will get through this together! Lets’ take a look at the check list below! If you are unsure on how to do any of these things please click on the link to the right!

1. Check and Re-Save your credentials! Checking Amazon Credentials

2. Ensure that your Shipping Rate Options are enabled and set up correctly in the app!

3. Double check that the Fulfillment Service for your products is set to FBA Shipping Check Fulfillment Service

3a. Do the product SKUs in Shopify match the product SKUs in Amazon Seller Central?

3b. Are your products in stock in Amazon Seller Central?

4. Check your Shipping Profiles in Shopify! Or maybe you just need a refresher! And ask yourself the questions below.

4a. Is the product in question in the correct Shipping Profile?

4b. Is ‘Shipping From’ set to FBA Shipping?

4c. Is ‘Shipping To’ set to the correct country or countries?

4d. Is FBA Shipping by ByteStand the shipping rate?