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All Tracking Numbers Are Included for Split Shipments

Tracking numbers on Amazon are unique identification numbers assigned to packages when they are shipped. These numbers are used to track the progress of your package from the moment it is shipped until it is delivered to your address.

If a MCF order is shipped in multiple packages will my customers receive multiple tracking numbers?

Yes! When Amazon ships Shopify MCF orders in multiple packages the ByteStand app will receive every tracking number for the order.

What does this look like in Shopify?

Merchants can see all tracking numbers in the Shopify orders themselves.

all tracking numbers in the Shopify orders

Customer Notification

Once the entire order is shipped by Amazon, Shopify is triggered to send the customer one shipping confirmation email that includes every tracking number.

orders sent with visible tracking number

How it looks in the app?

At that time the order is marked as ‘Fulfilled’ in Shopify and ‘Shipped’ in the app.

Customers will not receive multiple shipping confirmation emails for each package that is shipped in real time. Once Amazon marks the order as completely shipped, we receive all tracking numbers from Amazon, and then trigger Shopify to send one shipping confirmation email with all tracking numbers to the customer.