Virtual Bundles or Bundles – Why are they not working?

I am thinking of creating a virtual bundle and selling it on Shopify! Or I have already done this and I am getting an error message at check out!

Keep in mind that the FBA Shipping app has a few requirements. One of those requirements is that the product SKU’s in Shopify match the product SKUs in Amazon Seller Central.

When a store creates a virtual bundle as a FBA product in Amazon Seller Central. Amazon allows that merchant to sell and ship that virtual bundle on But, remember when you sell your FBA products on a different website other than Amazon you are now using the Multi Channel Fulfillment or MCF program. So the rules are different.

Which means when you create this virtual bundle product in Amazon Seller Central, that product still does not physically exist. And in order for the FBA Shipping app to send the correct fulfillment request for your Shopify orders to Amazon, we need the correct SKUS, and we need those SKUS to be in stock and actually exist in an Amazon warehouse!

We suggest for merchant to do their own research on additional ‘bundler’ apps. But, one app we can suggest is the ‘Bundler-Upsell Bundle app by Goldendev.

Based on this FAQ below we found on their website.

Will bundled products appear as a single line item on the invoice?

Bundler app uses your existing products and applies discounts on top of them. It doesn’t create new products for your bundles. This means that when somebody purchases your bundle, each product will be listed separately on the invoice and you will be able to process your orders just like you did before.

This is perfect if you use a third party system for processing your orders.

As you need the individual items to be separate on the back end of the orders in Shopify. So, that each individual SKU in a ‘bundle’ is sent to Amazon.

This sentence is the key, “each product will be listed separately on the invoice and you will be able to process your orders just like you did before.” As our app needs each individual SKU to be listed at the Check Out of Shopify and in the order.

How it looks on the website
How it looks on the check out screen.

The below photo is an example of a Incorrect check out screen which has a SKU that the merchant created manually in Shopify but that SKU does not physically exist in a Amazon warehouse.

Caution: This app or some ‘Bundle’ apps could create the order in Shopify with a incorrect shipping rate title or also called Delivery Method! Keep an eye on this in your orders. Amazon can only understand the words ‘Standard, Priority, or Expedited’ in your Shopify orders. 

See the ‘Delivery Method’ Column? If there is anything other than ‘Standard, Priority, or Expedited’ here the orders will not be fulfilled by Amazon.

You may need to place a test order in Shopify to see how the order is created in Shopify and if the order is created with one of the 3 words Amazon will understand. As Amazon will reject all orders that do not say ‘Standard, Priority, and/or Expedited’

If the app will not import the orders that include ‘Bundle’ products with the titles ‘Standard, Priority, or Expedited’ you will need to contact that app and ask if they can help with the Shipping rate titles and translate the shipping rate titles to one of those 3 words in the future. So that Amazon will accept all of your orders.

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