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Fresh Credit Definitions!

What do the columns in Fresh Credit mean?


Customers with credit: This is your total amount of customers in the app that have active credit in their accounts.

Outstanding Credit: This is the total amount of active Store Credit customers have in their accounts.

Credit used: This is the total amount of past credit that customers have checked out with to date. You can access 7 days, 30, or 90 days worth of used credit data here.

In the Activity box you will see individual customer transactions.

Each transaction can be identified with a icon that credit was either given, credit was used which will include a Shopify Order #, or that you have removed credit from the customer.

Order Number: This is the Shopify order number, this will only show if the specific transaction is for credit that was used during a check out.

Date: The date the transaction took place.

Customer: The customers first and last name on the transaction.

Amount: The amount of credit for that transaction that was affected.

Pending Credit: This is credit the customer has used towards an order but the order has not been fulfilled yet. This will disappear once the order has been fulfilled.

Notes: This is a message only the store merchant can see, you can document a note for each transaction if you wish.

Customers Tab

Credit Expires On: This is the date that ALL active credit will expire in the customers account.

Tags: These are created and modified in Shopify on the Customer tab. You can not edit or add these in our app.