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What is Flex and how do I use it in Amazon MCF Shipping?

Good news! The MCF Shipping app now has the Flex feature!

What is Flex?

The Flex feature is an optional feature which gives a store the ability to assign ‘multiple locations’ to products in Shopify.

multiple locations on a product in shopify

This is a great feature for stores that:

  • Ship some products through Amazon and some products through a 3PL or manually themselves.
  • Participate in the Amazon MCF program in multiple countries. And wish to track location specific inventory levels per product.
  • Want to sell pre-order items and wait to send the fulfillment requests to Amazon.
  • Participate in Amazon’s Buy with Prime Integration.
  • Want to turn on automatic fulfillment for Amazon products only.
  • Use Amazon’s MCF program in some countries but not all.

Requirements for Flex

Before a store enables the Flex feature inside of the ByteStand MCF Shipping app, the store must have completed the below.

  • Have a professional Amazon Seller account set up with Amazon and Active.
    • Visit Amazon to get started with Amazon FBA and MCF!
  • The merchant has physical products stored in Amazon buildings in at least one Amazon marketplaces.
    • These locations can include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, or Japan. The Amazon Multi-channel Fulfillment program will only ship MCF orders inside of the country the products are stored in.
  • On Step 1 in the ByteStand MCF Shipping app ‘Account’, the store has previously connected at least one Amazon marketplaces.
  • Automatic fulfillment has been disabled in the stores Shopify Settings on the ‘Check Out’ page.

Flex Introduction Video

More Flex Resources

Use this link to find our YouTube Playlist for Flex. Each video walks through unique Flex set-up steps and discusses the multiple ways the future can be used. Merchants that have enabled the feature but are unsure on how to use the feature need to watch the video below.