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What is Fresh Credit?

Fresh credit is store credit for Shopify. Up until now shop owners had to navigate a complex maze of coupons, points and one time use codes. Simplify that mess with something that everyone understands, cash.

Now returns don’t have to be lost revenue, but instead a potential for future sales. Encourage shoppers to return to your store with their credit in tow.

Our app is embedded in the admin section of your store, works through Shopify, and if you type fast, can be setup in less than one minute. On install we pull all of your customers into Fresh Credit. As customers are added, updated and deleted those customers are automatically refreshed in the app as well.

Within Fresh Credit you can easily update any or all of your customers store credit with just a few clicks.

Customer Notifications

Let your customers know that you have given them store credit by enabling the apps ‘Credit Added’ feature. You can customize the body of the email, the title, and the email address this is sent from.

With the apps ‘credit about to expire’ feature you can trigger automatic emails to be sent to your customers X amount of days before their current credit amount expires. This email and SMS template can be edited.

Import or Export data

Stores can use the Import feature to upload a CSV file of data straight into the FreshCredit app. This is a great option for new installation stores that are transferring from another system. The file must include the customers email addresses and total credit amounts.

A store can use the Export feature to receive a CSV file of your customers credit history since using the app. Check out the video below!

What the customer sees

After giving a customer store credit using our app the customer can log into their account on your store and see the ‘You have store credit’ button!

At any time while the customer is shopping or browsing your website they can click on this button (on any page) and select to use a portion of their store credit or all of their store credit! They can even navigate straight from the store credit pop up to check out! How cool is that?!

The credit follows the customer to the check out screen so that the customer can pay any remaining balance and then check out.