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Whats the difference between ByteStand Amazon Import & SnapSync?

The difference between the ByteStand-Amazon Import app and the SnapSync app is that the ByteStand app requires merchants to create a ‘connection’ with Amazon by recreating all of their product listings from Amazon and pasting the products into Shopify. So, ByteStand is more of an import app. Once the products are copied into Shopify the app can then update the product listings from Amazon to Shopify, specifically the quantities.

The little things with ByteStand are:

If you have product relationships like variations that exist in Amazon those relationships have to carry over in Shopify. Merchants have to keep those product listings the same in Shopify and some merchants do not like this feature. Other merchants also do not like the fact that the app recreates all of the product listings.

The SnapSync app has nothing to do with importing product listings. It simply uses the product SKUS you’ve entered into Shopify to connect with your SKUs in Amazon. Along with your Amazon Seller Central Credentials. So, if a merchant has all of their products already listed in Shopify and they solely want to sync inventory and/or price in Shopify, they can now do that!

Some people prefer our ByteStand Amazon Import app and that’s great! But, Snapsync gives other merchants the option to sync only inventory and/or price without recreating product listings.