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Why Do I Constantly Get Errors in the SnapSync App?

Do you rarely change the sync settings in the SnapSync app but you are frequently getting error warnings on your products? It sounds like your ‘SKUS’ need to be ‘reset’ in the app!

Are you a store that runs out of Amazon stock frequently? And in Shopify, you change the ‘Location’ of your inventory from FBA Shipping to something else? Or vice versa? Maybe the app was not set up correctly in the first place and now you constantly have error warnings next to your products? See below!

What to do with SnapSync errors?

  1. First, see if you still have Amazon Marketplace Web attached to your Shopify store! This program has been depreciated by Shopify and they are slowly phasing it out. BUT, the program will randomly ‘wake up’ and try to control your SKUS again, without you knowing it! Well, it’s time to say Good Bye to AMW!

Go in Shopify, to Settings > Shipping and delivery > and scroll to the bottom of the screen! 

deactivate Amazon Marketplace Web attached to your Shopify store

Deactivate it! Problem #1 Solved!

2. We have learned that every time the ‘Location’ to SKUs are changing in Shopify, it is messing up the connection in SnapSync. This is the location I am referring too in Shopify: 

location in skus

When you change that area or Amazon Marketplace Web changes it without you knowing it, it is disconnecting everything in the app. So you have to reset these products once again in the SnapSync app!

I apologize for this barrier. Here is how you reset your SKUS in the SnapSync app to clear this error and sync them again! This video will help! Click here for video!

We are aware of this barrier and are putting processes in place to try to automatic fix this for you. But, until we can find a longer term fix we advise for stores to rarely change the location of their SKUS in Shopify. Or be prepared to ‘reset’ your SKUS location in SnapSync every time that is changed.

Thank you!