Why will the Fulfillment Service not save in the Bulk Editor?

Why will the Fulfillment Service not save in the Bulk Editor?

This can happen if the store most recently was using Amazon Marketplace Web. If this is the case for your store you will want to follow the directions below.

First, we need to change the ‘Track Quantity’ selection. Click on Products and all of your products will appear. Go ahead and select all of the products. Don’t forget if you have more then 50 products; select all of them. Then Edit products.

Originally, your screen may look like this.

Click on Add Fields scoll down to Inventory and click on Track Quantity

If any of your products say Amazon Marketplace Web in the dropdown box you will want to change that selection to ‘Shopify tracks this products inventory’.

Make sure to do that for all of your FBA products. See instructions at the bottom of the Shopify screen that shows you how to bulk edit products. Then, press SAVE.
Next, it is good to go back up to Add Fields, scroll down to Shipping and click on Fulfillment Service.

Another column appears. Don’t forget you can adjust these columns or delete the columns that are irrelevant. Make sure the FBA products say FBA Shipping under Fulfillment Service. And SAVE.

Now, you should be good to go!

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