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Selling FBA Products and Manually Fulfilled Products on Shopify

So you have some Amazon FBA products and some manually fulfilled products on your Shopify store. You want to fulfill orders for your products and you want Amazon to fulfill orders for their products. That part’s easy. Just install our FBA Shipping app.

But what happens when a customer orders both FBA products and manually fulfilled products? It used to be that you had to manually enter the FBA order info into Amazon because Shopify wouldn’t split out the shipping rates during checkout. So basically, Shopify would use your manual shipping rate and mark the whole order for manual fulfillment.

But that sucks. We want everything to work automatically, totally seamlessly!

Well now you can setup your shipping rates so that the FBA Shipping app automatically sends the FBA items to Amazon while leaving the manual items for you to fulfill. It’s actually really simple. All you have to do is name your manual shipping rate “Standard”. It can’t be “standard” or “standard shipping” or any other variation, it must say exactly “Standard”.

Since Amazon’s basic shipping rate is also named “Standard”, Shopify doesn’t see a conflict in the shipping rates. So your order will be split out with FBA items going to Amazon and manually fulfilled items going to you for fulfillment. Yay for automation!