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Send your Shopify, eBay, Etsy, TikTok, & Instagram orders to Amazon MCF fulfillment.

Not only can you fulfill your organic Shopify orders via MCF. Using the ByteStand FBA/MCF Shipping app you can also send your eBay, Etsy, TikTok, etc orders to Amazon MCF as well.

Time to level up

How can I utilize Amazon’s MCF program to ship my external Shopify orders? 

Using our ByteStand-MCF/FBA Shipping app, we can help you forward your imported Shopify orders to Amazon and have those orders fulfilled via Amazon MCF. All while keeping your customers data away from Amazon.

Step 1: Import your orders from other platforms into Shopify






And many more. You may need a 3rd party app integration or channel integration to do this automatically. Click here for a link of apps in the Shopify app store that can assist with this.

Step 2: Install our ByteStand MCF/FBA Shipping app and enable the ‘Import’ feature on Step 2 of installation. If you already have our app installed, make sure to enable the ‘Import’ feature in your account.

If you need detailed assistance on enabling this feature in our app please check out this page in our Knowledge Base. How to send Imported Shopify orders to Amazon

Step 3: Set up your ‘Imported Rate’ shipping title options in our app on the ‘Rate’ page.

The purpose of this is to ‘translate’ your imported orders ‘delivery methods’ (shipping rate titles) from these other websites into words Amazon will understand. Amazon can only understand 3 words when it comes to the shipping rate titles. Those words are ‘Standard, Priority, and Expedited’

What does this look like on the back end? 

For example, when you start importing orders from Etsy into Shopify, the ‘delivery method’ of that order from Etsy might say ‘Shipping’

This is nothing to worry about with our Import feature. Just create a imported rate card in our app that translates the word ‘Shipping’ to ‘Standard’ on the back end.

Step 4: You’re ready. Start importing your orders into Shopify and let Bytestand and Amazon work their magic!

Bonus Content: This also works for Subscription and Upsell orders. This ByteStand tool is especially helpful for Shopify stores using Recharge and Bold to manage order subscriptions in Shopify.

Additional Resources

  • Watch set up videos: If you need detailed assistance on enabling this feature in our app please check out this page in our Knowledge Base: Sending Shopify Subscription orders to Amazon
  • Order Page in our app. It can take Amazon up to 30 minutes to ‘Accept’ orders from Shopify to them. Once the orders are accepted by Amazon you can use the Order page in our app to collect your Amazon Order ID’s and see the status of your orders! Read more about Amazon order status definitions.

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MCF/FBA Shipping

Fulfill Shopify orders globally through Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment solution using ByteStand. Offer live Amazon rates, Manual rates, or a combination of the two. Increase average order value by selling virtual bundles. Fulfill subscription orders, and orders that come from social media campaigns. United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Mexico locations are supported! And so much more.


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SnapSync Amazon FBA/MCF Sync

Sync pricing and inventory from multiple Amazon marketplaces to Shopify. Avoid errors in inventory calculations across multiple locations with an automated inventory and price sync solution for your Shopify store.

Manage your shipping through Amazon like a 3PL.

Whether you have inventory housed in an Amazon warehouse in the US only or several warehouses throughout the world, ByteStand can be the link between Shopify orders and Amazon fulfillment.

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Offer store credit without any hassles and retain revenue from customers who have to return products to your store.

Give existing customers the option of store credit instead of a refund. Save the relationship with the customer and allow them to try out other products in your store.

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Sync product inventory and pricing across all of your marketplaces.

Never oversell inventory that doesn’t exist anymore creating friction with customers.

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