You’re Gonna Crap Your Pants When You See What’s New in FBA Shipping

What’s new and improved and will change your life? The FBA Shipping app! We’ve just released an update that adds completely new functionality to it.

FBA Shipping Updates

What’s New With FBA Shipping?

In addition to the FBA shipping options you know and love, we’ve added non-FBA shipping options. So you can now have the app automatically use either Amazon’s shipping rates or your own manual shipping rates.

Your manual rates can include fixed rate, weight-based and free shipping options. You can also name them whatever you like and choose how many days each option will take.

We’ve also added the ability to integrate your USPS and FedEx accounts. Just enter your USPS/FedEx credentials into the app and choose which shipping options you want to offer (Priority, Express, etc.).

Check out the video here.

Who is This Update for?

It’s for sellers who fulfill international orders themselves. Amazon is a jerk about international shipping. So a lot of sellers have Amazon fulfill their domestic orders, while they fulfill international orders themselves.

It’s also for sellers who have some products at Amazon and other products at another location. For example, if Amazon manages orders for your top hats, while your own warehouse manages orders for your sombreros.

granny sombreroIf you don’t fall into either of those categories, the app will still work exactly the same for you as it always has. You can simply ignore the new shipping features.

How Does This Work for Customers?

You can set up a buttload of shipping rates in the app now, but you don’t want too many rates confusing customers at checkout. Most sellers will use just one of the following manual options: weight-based rates, fixed rates, free shipping or USPS/FedEx. Whatever rates you set up are the rates customers will see at checkout.

But what happens if you set up non-FBA shipping rates plus Amazon’s shipping rates and a customer adds an FBA item AND a non-FBA item to their cart? First off, watch this video to set up your non-FBA products correctly. Then, you can test out what rates will show at checkout with the fancy schmancy cart tester in the app. It allows you to add any combination of products to a virtual cart and see what shipping options will appear at checkout.

How Will This Change My Life?

If you’ve gone through the pain of setting up the weight-based shipping rate workaround, this update will heal that pain. You can delete all those crazy weight-based rates from your Shopify shipping options and set up whatever options you like directly in the app.

Even if you haven’t dealt with that, this update will simplify all your shipping options by bringing them together in one place. *throws glitter* Uhmazing.

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Gennifer is the Marketing Manager at ByteStand, where she lives and breathes customer service education while sipping coffee in her pajamas.

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